We offer comprehensive therapeutic programmes to violent people in pursuance of systematically preventing and eliminating violence in our society.

In need of a personal consultation? Call us by phone, write us an e-mail at vztahy@diakonieskp.cz, message us via chat or fill in the contact form.

HELP LINE 608 004 444

We offer individual, couple and group therapies.

The main goal is to surpress our client's violent behavior so that his relatives, esp. his partner and children, as well as the people in more distant surroundings (distant family members, neighbors, the public) can feel safe.

Our program is in accordance with the Minimal Standards for Working with Perpetrators of Violence in Close Relationships in the Czech Republic.

Zero tolerance of any form of violence!

Activities of program Stop Violence are supported by the grant program Family of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

The program is also financially supported by:

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic via the grant program Prevention of Socially Pathological Phenomena with a focus on preventing and eliminating domestic violence through work with violent people and people unable to cope with agression in relationships

The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic via the grant title Development of Probation and Resocialization Programs for Adult Offenders

The City of Prague within the field of crime prevention

Big thanks goes to all who support the Stop Violence programme financially.

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